National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 4/28/17

Here are the seven reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, April 28, 2017:

  • Collier County, Florida: A deputy was arrested for being in contempt of court. He has not paid money as he was ordered to in his divorce case.
  • Miami, Florida: An officer was arrested for false imprisonment and battery for detaining a woman while off duty but in uniform and in his patrol car.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: An officer was charged with homicide by vehicle for fatally striking a pedestrian while allegedly drag racing other officers on public roads.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: A now-former homicide detective pled guilty to six criminal counts including conspiracy and tampering to help his girlfriend escape a murder charge after she allegedly killed her former lover.
  • Seattle, Washington: A man is suing the City and an officer for excessive force. The plaintiff was repeatedly punched in the face without just cause. Dash footage captured the beginning of the encounter, including the first blow by the officer. The officer was suspended one day for the incident.
  • Update: Louisville, Kentucky (First reported 12/28/16): A now-former officer was sentenced to five months for stealing money from packages he was charged with inspecting.
  • Update: San Antonio, Texas (First reported 6/15/16): An officer who was indefinitely suspended for challenging a detainee to fight for his freedom was reinstated. SAPD has a number of officers who they have tried to terminate that have been reinstated after their indefinite suspensions.