National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 4/27/17

Here are the 16 reports of police misconduct tracked for Thursday, April 27, 2017:

  • Update: Gwinnett County, Georgia (First reported 4/14/17): Two now-former deputies were charged with battery and violation of oath for their video-recorded beating of a motorist.
  • Michigan City, Indiana: An officer resigned and was later arrested for raping a woman with “diminished mental capacity.”
  • Update: New York, New York (First reported 4/27/16): Two recently retired officers were arrested for their roles in a gun permit bribery scandal while they were on the force. A third former officer was also arrested, but his alleged criminal activity happened after he retired in 1999.
  • Pickens County, South Carolina: A deputy was arrested for the alleged harassment of his estranged wife. He was fired.
  • College Park, Georgia: An officer resigned and was arrested for meeting underage teens for sex.  Officials say that he may not have been aware of the girls’ true ages, as they had posted that they were older on the website through which the officer contacted them.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: An officer was arrested for sexual abuse of children and child pornography.
  • Update: Melrose Park, Illinois (First reported 4/15/15): A now-former officer pled guilty to stealing drugs from evidence and using his police car to drive as a cocaine courier.
  • Update: Federal Protective Service (First reported 6/6/16): A now-former officer pled guilty to murder and other charges for killing two strangers and wounding others during a 2016 DC-area shooting spree. He will still face charges for killing his estranged wife at the beginning of the spree.
  • Update: Neoga, Illinois (First reported 3/9/16): A now-former officer pled guilty to sexually abusing a teenage girl. He was sentenced to spend 90 days in jail and serve four years of probation.
  • Leachville, Arkansas: An officer was suspended with pay for an undisclosed violation.
  • Hearne, Texas: An officer resigned while he was under investigation. He says he wants to continue a career in law enforcement.
  • Update: San Antonio, Texas (First reported 9/19/16): A detective was suspended three days for striking his wife in the face. He was arrested for the incident, but his wife declined to press charges.
  • Augusta, Maine: An officer is being sued for excessive force for shooting a suspect. A judge ruled that she did not properly warn the suspect before firing and thus the lawsuit could move forward.
  • Mandeville, Louisiana: An officer was fired after he was charged for stealing from Home Depot while he was off duty.
  • Update: Baltimore, Maryland (First reported 7/30/14): An officer who was convicted of misconduct and fired for actions against a teenage detainee was reinstated by a judge.
  • Sonoma State University (California): The chief has set a date to resign. He has been on leave since he allegedly stabbed his stepson with a power drill and fired his weapon in a domestic dispute.