National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 03-24-17

Here are the eleven reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, March 24, 2017:

  • Update: Mobile County, Alabama (First reported 03-14-17): A deputy was fired after he was observed buying drugs while he was off duty.
  • Prince George’s County, Maryland: An officer was arrested for DUI after an off-duty crash in his cruiser.
  • Update: Palm Beach County, Florida (First reported 12-28-16): A now-former deputy pled guilty to federal fraud charges related to using a law enforcement database for an identity theft scheme.
  • Update: Tremonton, Utah (First reported 04-07-14): A now-former officer pled guilty to federal child pornography charge for enticing a 16-year-old girl to send him explicit photographs. He was previously charged on the local level for the offense and was sentenced to probation and community service for the acts. He is scheduled to be sentenced in the present case on June 8.
  • Waterford Township, Michigan: An officer was fired and charged with domestic violence and third-degree criminal sexual conduct against his wife.
  • Bartow, Florida: An officer was fired after the prosecutor informed the department that she could not be called as a reliable witness in court, making her an ineffective officer. She initially came under scrutiny after she posted racist comments on her facebook page.
  • Pointe Coupee Parish, Louisiana: A deputy was fired and charged with payroll fraud and official malfeasance for logging bogus work details.
  • Update: Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania (First reported 02-02-16): An officer awaiting trial for raping one woman has new charges added for alleged actions against four other victims.
  • Prince George’s County, Maryland: An officer was arrested for assault. He allegedly punched a cuffed detainee who spat in his face.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: An officer was arrested for abusing his personal dog and abandoning it in a trash bag. The dog has since recovered and has been adopted.
  • Canton, Ohio: An officer was arrested for OVI for sleeping in a running car after getting drunk on St. Patrick’s Day.