What Happened to PoliceMisconduct.net?

The National Police Misconduct Reporting Project (NPMRP) and PoliceMisconduct.net (PM.net) were the products of a non-governmental, non-partisan project by the Cato Institute. NPMRP attempted to determine the extent of police misconduct in the United States, identify trends affecting police misconduct, and report on issues about police misconduct in order to enhance public awareness on issues regarding police misconduct across the country.  NPMRP used media reports detailing both alleged and confirmed cases of police misconduct. All information gathered was manually validated to determine the credibility of the report, whether the report is a duplicate of an existing report, and how each report should be categorized before recording each report to the police misconduct database.

After several years of collecting data, Cato discontinued the day-to-day collection for PM.net in July 2017. We simply lacked the resources to continue our policy work and maintain such a database at a level we find appropriate.

All posts from PM.net website are archived on this website.

Cato continues to work on the subject of police misconduct. UnlawfulShield.com is our re-purposed police misconduct website to focus on the doctrine of qualified immunity because it improperly protects officers who violate the constitutional and civil rights of individuals.

All media inquiries about qualified immunity or any other police misconduct should be directed to [email protected]