National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 6/5/17

Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Monday, June 5, 2017:

  • Garland, Texas: An officer was suspended 56 days for uncuffing a suspect who had earlier challenged the officer to a fight and then beating him up. The officer was also recorded bragging about the incident. His partner was reprimanded and his supervisor was suspended for three days. No charges were brought for the assault.
  • Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office: An officer was arrested for getting paid for hours he did not work.
  • Mission, Texas: An officer resigned amid an investigation into a video of him while he was intoxicated and handling what appears to be marijuana.
  • Youngstown, Ohio: An officer was indicted on 10 counts of sexual battery and unlawful conduct with a minor. The report suggests the incident happened while the officer was off duty and working in a non-law enforcement capacity at a school.
  • Sunbury, Pennsylvania: An officer was charged with failure to report child abuse and tampering after images of an abused child were found on her cell phone.
  • Ville Platte, Louisiana: A now-former officer was sentenced to five years of hard labor, suspended, and given probation after pleading guilty to intimidation and abuse charges. He made women pose for titillating photographs in order to avoid arrest.
  • Update: Newark, Ohio (First reported 11/2/16): An officer was fired after an investigation into his domestic violence arrest last fall.
  • Update: Pushmataha County, Oklahoma (First reported 5/15/17): A deputy who was fired for falsely reporting a shootout that led to a manhunt will be criminally charged for the incident.