National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 6/16/17

Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Friday, June 16, 2017:

  • Update: North Miami, Florida (First reported 7/21/16): A supervisor who was on scene for the unwarranted shooting of health care worker will be fired for filing a dishonest report saying that he was not, in fact, on the scene at the time of the shooting.
  • Burkburnett, Texas: An officer was arrested for drunk driving in Wichita Falls after running a flashing red light.
  • Edison Township, New Jersey: An officer was charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest in Belmar.
  • Update: Linden, New Jersey (First reported 3/24/15): A now-former officer was sentenced to 8.3 to 25 years in prison for a wrong-way DUI crash that killed two passengers in his vehicle.
  • Update: Tulsa, Oklahoma (First reported 9/19/16): The officer who was recently acquitted of fatally shooting Terence Crutcher is being sued for excessive force.
  • Antioch, California: A now-former officer pled guilty to tax fraud for collecting approximately $720,000 in tax refunds on behalf of deceased persons.
  • Manatee County, Florida; A deputy was suspended 258 hours (more than six weeks) for turning in inaccurate time cards.
  • Update: St. Anthony, Minnesota (First reported 7/7/16): An officer was acquitted of manslaughter for the shooting death of Philando Castile during a traffic stop last year.
  • Alamogordo, New Mexico: An officer was placed on leave after posting potentially threatening comments on social media.