National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 5/31/17

Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, May 31, 2017:

  • Inglewood, California: Five officers who fatally shot Marquintan Sandlin and Kisha Michael as they were unconscious in a parked car are no longer with the department.
  • New Orleans, Louisiana: An officer was found guilty of malfeasance for kicking a prone burglary suspect in the face.
  • Boynton Beach, Florida: An officer was arrested for domestic violence and placed on leave.
  • Baltimore, Maryland: An officer was arrested for theft and fraud for billing hours he didn’t work at a casino.
  • Minneapolis Metro Transit: An officer was fired after being recorded asking a man about his immigration status. The department released a statement that read, in part, “We…are looking to reestablish the trust that was broken” in this incident.
  • Update: New York, New York (First reported 10/19/16): A sergeant was charged with murder, negligent homicide, and manslaughter for the fatal shooting of Deborah Danner in October.
  • Cleveland County, North Carolina: A deputy was fired after he was arrested for assault as a result of an armed, off-duty conflict with his neighbors
  • Ouachita Parish, Louisiana: A deputy was arrested for rape and immediately fired.
  • Smith County, Mississippi: Two deputies were fired for inappropriate contact with female inmates. The FBI is in investigating possible criminal charges.