National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 5/2/17

Here are the eight reports of police misconduct tracked for Tuesday, May 2, 2017:

  • Holyoke, Massachusetts: An officer was charged with indecent assault and battery of a minor under 14 years old
  • Update: North Charleston, South Carolina (First reported 4/8/15): Now-former officer Michael Slager pled guilty to one count of violating Walter Scott’s civil rights for fatally shooting him in the back five times. In exchange for the plea, the other federal charges and state murder charges were dropped. The City settled a wrongful death suit with Scott’s family for $6,500,000.
  • Update: Belleville, New Jersey (First reported 11/10/16): The officer arrested for shoplifting a bottle of tequila has resigned. The details of her criminal plea were sealed.
  • Update: Des Plaines, Illinois (First reported 12/17/13): An officer was reinstated by a labor arbitrator after years of appealing firing. The long-running ordeal had the firing upheld by several court proceedings. According to the report, his is alleged to have “beat[en] handcuffed suspects, lied during an internal investigation and made false arrests.”  The City is deciding whether to appeal the ruling, but officials said that “rehiring him would be bad public policy and harmful for morale.”
  • Harris County, Texas: A deputy was arrested for hitting a woman during a fight over a parking spot while he was off duty.
  • Update: Mobile County, Alabama (First reported 3/14/17): A deputy who was fired after being seen by co-workers buying drugs has been indicted and arrested.
  • Charleston County, South Carolina: A deputy was charged with domestic violence after an incident with his wife.
  • Waller County, Texas: A deputy was fired after allegations of inappropriate contact with female DWI suspect after her arrest.