National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 4/19/17

Here are the 15 reports of police misconduct tracked for Wednesday, April 19, 2017:

  • Update: Woonsocket, Rhode Island (First reported 4/4/17): A suspended officer pled guilty to assaulting a high school student while volunteering at school. He is still employed at the department despite his conviction for abusing his little sister several years ago.
  • Lake County, Minnesota: A deputy was placed on leave after a fatal crash that resulted from a high-speed chase that crossed the county line.
  • Houston, Texas: An officer was arrested on a methamphetamine possession charge. Reports conflict on whether the man he was arrested with was a roommate or romantic partner, who was charged with selling various drugs, but the officer admitted to using meth and other drugs himself earlier in the day.
  • Portland, Oregon: An officer was arrested for an off-duty DUI
  • Austin, TX officer who runs breathalyzer at jail fired for coming to work drunk. Supervisor suspended 60 days

Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training Council sanctioned six now-former officers from six departments for misconduct.

  • Roy, Utah: An officer resigned and pled no contest for attempting to steal $50 from the scene of a burglary investigation. He was fined and given one year of probation. The POST Council suspended his law certification for two and a half years.
  • Layton, Utah: An officer was charged with official misconduct for using his position as a law enforcement officer to gain entry to a hotel room he believed his girlfriend was in with another man. The POST Council suspended his certification for a year. He was demoted to desk duty and retired.
  • Morgan County, Utah: A now-former deputy had his certification suspended for one year after using a law enforcement database to check-up on people he suspected were involved with his wife.
  • Weber County, Utah: A now-former deputy pled guilty to disorderly conduct for striking his 7-year-old child in the forehead, causing a bruise. His certification was suspended for nine months.
  • Box Elder County, Utah: A deputy admitted to smoking marijuana and eating cannabinoid edibles while vacationing in Colorado, where both the activities are legal. He was fired and his certification was suspended for two years.
  • Brigham City, Utah: An officer lied to investigators about who crashed his car to protect his wife from a DUI charge. He was fired and his certification was suspended for three years.
  • Bexar Co., Texas: A deputy was indicted for oppression and assault for actions against a prisoner in her custody.
  • Newcomerstown, Ohio: An officer was fired after he admitted he made up the story that he was shot during a traffic stop, prompting a manhunt. Criminal charges are possible.
  • Colorado City, Arizona & Hildale, Utah: A federal judge ruled that both police departments engaged in widespread misconduct and religious discrimination. Both “sister cities” are effectively run by adherents of Warren Jeffs’ fundamentalist Mormon sect and the judge ruled that the police and other municipal agencies actively violated the civil rights of residents who were not in the sect.
  • Clark County, Washington: A detective resigned while he was under investigation for official misconduct. He will not face criminal charges.