National Police Misconduct Newsfeed Daily Recap 01-09-17

Here are the nine reports of police misconduct tracked for Monday, January 9, 2017:

  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin: An officer was arrested for DUI after a single-car crash.
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: The City settled with a delivery driver who was shot by plainclothes officers and suffered permanent physical injury.  The officers allegedly did not identify themselves as police officers as they engaged the driver. The $4,400,000 payout was the largest settlement in City history.
  • Update: Fairlawn, Ohio (First reported 05-27-16): Two officers were suspended for leading officers on a high-speed chase while they were off duty. The officer who was driving pled to obstruction and was sentenced to community service.
  • Austin, Texas: An officer was suspended for arresting a man who insulted him.
  • Pembroke Pines, Florida: An officer was suspended for three months for using a law enforcement database to snoop on others at least 560 times. On at least several occasions, she also harassed some people she found information on, which is how the malfeasance was discovered.
  • Moultrie, Georgia: An officer was arrested for assaulting someone while taking them into custody.
  • Riverside, California: An officer was demoted after drinking, texting, and then crashing a police vehicle and leaving the scene. There was no arrest or charge brought in the case.
  • Lake in the Hills, Illinois: An officer was arrested for DWI after striking and killing a pedestrian.
  • Update: Nelson County, Kentucky (First reported 10-24-16): A deputy was reinstated after a domestic assault charge against him was dropped.